Woman's leopard blazer.

Blazers are a good way to spice up a boring dress or to add pizzazz to your favorite evening dress. A fitted blazer gives women options to change dresses hanging in their closets. Fitted blazers go well with dresses, whereas the boyfriend blazer, which is bulky in structure, does not. The best blazer to be worn with a dress is the classic tuxedo-cut blazer, which can easily be worn day or night. A blazer is a great statement piece to add to your wardrobe.

Pick the dress. Blazers look great with a dress tunic, a knee-length dress or a dress of any length in between. The dress can be casual, fancy, floral or sequin. The fabric and the color of the dress determine the type and color of the blazer you should wear. The blazer should always complement the dress.

Focus on the shape and cut of the blazer. A fitted blazer does not need to be super tight to look good. The bottom part of the blazer should be fitted to counteract the slight bulkiness of the top. The ideal blazer to fit a dress would be the classic tuxedo-cut blazer which can be worn day or night.

Pick the fabric and color of the blazer. The fabric of the blazer should complement your dress, not necessarily match it. If the dress is a neutral color, the blazer can be neutral, or you can wear a black blazer with a black dress. The possibilities of the color matches are endless, but the blazer and dress must complement each other.

Accessorize your outfit. Wearing a chunky bracelet with matching earrings can give a pop to your outfit. Wear a belt around the blazer to cinch in the waist more, and be sure the belt complements the outfit. Remember not to go overboard with accessories; you want your blazer to be the statement piece in your outfit.


  • Simplicity is best when wearing a blazer.

  • Avoid cluttering your outfit with too many accessories.