How to Walk in Wedge Heels

By Marisa Swanson

Wedge heels became popular during World War II. Salvatore Ferragamo designed the first wedge-heel shoes in 1934, using cork and wood for the sole due to a shortage of rubber and leather. Today, wedge shoes worn in the warmer months still primarily have either a cork or wooden sole. Wedges have a solid platform sole with no separation between the heel and toe of the shoe. The heel portion of the sole is shaped like a wedge, hence the name. Wedge shoes are a great way to gain height while maintaining a certain level of comfort and walkability.

Wedge shoes come in a variety of heights.

Step 1

Put on your wedge shoes. Certain wedges have ankle straps that need to be tied or buckled. Confirm that your shoes are securely fashioned before starting to walk.

Step 2

Place one foot in front of the other slowly and walk. If you aren't familiar with high heels, it's best to do this first in your home. If you are used to wearing high heels, walking in wedges may seem easier and more comfortable.

Step 3

Walk to and away from a full-length mirror. This will help you get your wedge walk down pat. It's important to maintain good posture and to keep your hips tucked. To enhance the femininity of your walk, sway your hips slightly. Practice this as many times as necessary in front of the mirror, keeping your shoulders back. After practice, walking in wedges will feel as easy as walking in any other pair of shoes you own.