Woman in blue bellbottom jeans

When most people picture women's styles of the 1960s, they immediately think of long-haired hippies wearing floral patterns and peace-sign necklaces. However, there were many other popular fashion trends during this period. Breaking free from the fashion constraints of the previous decade, 1960s clothing styles provided women with a means of self expression.


Women of the 1960s wore pants made of fabrics such as jersey, satin and cotton velvet. Pants were worn in combination with garments like suit jackets and tunics. This attire was, in some cases, suitable for the professional setting and was sometimes even considered fit for evening wear. As the decade progressed, pants became more flared at the bottom, creating a style that came to be known as bell bottoms.


Women in the 1960s often wore blouses. These tops were often sleeveless, embellished with a sash around the neck that women would tie into a bow. In cold seasons, women would opt for tight-fitting ribbed sweaters in a variety of colors and patterns. These tops were often worn with pencil skirts or under pinafores. A particularly notable women's trend was the black polo neck sweater, which became popular after it was worn by the Beatles on an album cover.


The baby doll dress became popular during the second half of the 1960s, particularly as the disco era was setting in. These dresses had an A-line skirt that gradually flared out, ending around the mid-thigh. Some baby doll dresses had short or medium-length sleeves, while other styles were sleeveless. Baby doll dresses were sewn from a wide variety of fabrics, ranging from cotton to polyester, in loud color combinations and patterns. During cold weather, women preferred sweater dresses.


Pumps with 2-to-3 inch kitten heels became the preferred choice of day-to-day footwear for women during the 1960s. These shoes typically had a square-shaped chisel toe, while the almond-toe shoe became more popular during the second half of the decade. Casual women's footwear during this era included clog sandals and flat boots. Boots were often worn with short dresses, and were eventually redesigned to reach the knee.


The 1960s woman accessorized her outfits with jewelry such as colorful bangle bracelets made of plastic. Other popular accessories during this time period included chandelier earrings, which consisted of circular sequin pieces in a silver or gold setting. Apparel accessories included wide belts, which were used to cinch dresses, large tunics and tops at the waist.