How to Use Wrap Snap & Go Curlers

By Dawn Smith

Most women want salon results when it comes to hairstyles, but for a fraction of the price. The most efficient way to accomplish salon results is to use quality styling products and tools at home. Styling your own hair saves both money and time, as there's no appointment needed. It may take practice to develop the talent to creating a professional hairstyle, but it's time well invested when compared to salon prices. Wrap Snap & Go curlers are affordable for almost any budget and easy to use.

Using Wrap Snap & Go curlers.

Step 1

Comb hair thoroughly before styling. Combing or brushing hair prior to styling it ensures there are no knots or tangles and will also make it easier to style.

Step 2

Separate hair into equal sections using a comb. If the hair is not sectioned equally, it may result in tighter or looser curls in some areas and may not look even.

Step 3

Wrap each section of hair around a curler. It's easiest to start with sections at the top or crown of the head, working down to the base of the scalp. Make sure that each section of hair is wrapped tightly around each Wrap Snap & Go curler. If the hair section is wrapped too loosely, it may result in a loose or out of place strand of hair.

Step 4

Leave the rollers for the desired amount of time. For tighter, curlier hair the curlers should be left in for the maximum amount of time. Overnight is great for really curly curls. For looser curls, only leave the curlers in for a short period of time. The time will vary depending on the length and amount of hair being curled.

Step 5

Remove the Wrap Snap & Go curlers from the hair. Be sure to roll the curlers out of hair in reverse from how they were put in. Ripping them out of the hair may cause damage to the hair shaft or strands, create split ends and possibly ruin the effectiveness of the curl.

Step 6

Style hair as desired. Some women will use hair spray, rubber bands, barrettes, a scrunchy or other hair styling accessories.