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Conair makes a range of hair care products called hot rollers, which allow you to set your hair into a wavy or curly style without having to use a curling iron. These rollers sit in a base that is heated electrically, and the heat helps create and set the style in your hair. You can use any size Conair hot rollers that you want according to your hair length and the desired volume of curls.

Comb your hair so it is smooth and free of any knots. You should apply a light mist of water from a spray bottle to make you hair slightly damp.

Plug the Conair hot rollers into an electrical outlet and set the temperature to the appropriate setting for the desired style. Higher heat will result in stronger, curlier results, while lower heat will give you softer waves.

Pick up a small section of you hair and place it on top of one of the rollers. Pull the ends of your hair under the roller so they point toward your head.

Rotate the roller upward and toward your head so the roller moves along the underside of the hair. Keep turning the roller until it reaches you scalp. Secure the roller in place with the clips provided with the rollers.

Move around your head rolling one section at a time until all your hair is tied up in the rollers. Let the rollers sit until they are completely cool. This will take about 20 minutes.

Remove the lowest rollers first by taking out the clips holding them in place and letting the roller drop into your hand. Don’t pull the roller out or you will mess up the curl.

Work upward to get out all the rollers and spray you hair lightly with hairspray to help set the style. You can brush out your hair to give it body rather than make it curly.


Rolling the rollers horizontally will give you wave and body. Holding the roller vertically and rolling the hair around it will create ringlike curls.


Do not use hot rollers on very wet hair or you will damage the surface of the rollers.