As the name suggests, Velcro rollers stick to hair naturally without the need for pins and clips. The Velcro on the rollers softly grips the hair and holds it in the curled position while the hair dries. However, when it comes to long hair, there is a need for pins to hold the hair in place. The thickness of longer hair prevents the Velcro from gripping it as securely as it would for short or medium-length hair. When used correctly, Velcro rollers create loose, flowing locks that look soft and voluminous.

Use the comb to separate the top, middle and bottom parts of your hair into three sections. Clip each section with a bobby pin. For long hair, it's best to separate the hair to make the use of Velcro rollers easier. Also, make sure your hair is slightly damp before you begin.

Spritz 1-inch sections of hair lightly with hairspray.

Place the Velcro roller at the end of each section and roll inward toward the scalp until the Velcro sticks to the hair at the root. Spritz the rolled hair lightly with hairspray and secure the roller with a bobby pin. Even though the Velcro rollers naturally stick to the hair, using them on long hair requires the extra step of securing the hair with a bobby pin so that the roller stays put.

Repeat step 3 until all the hair has been rolled up and secured. Allow the rollers to set for about 20 to 30 minutes. Use a blow-dryer to speed up the drying process.

Remove the rollers slowly and shake out your curls. Use your fingers to shape and separate the curls. Spritz your hair lightly with hairspray to set the style.


Start from the bottom section of your hair and gradually move up to the top, leaving your bangs for last.


Avoid tangles in your hair by combing each section and coating it with a thin layer of mousse to smooth out flyaways.

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