How to Use Vaseline for Darker Eyeshadow

By Madison Garcia

Cream eyeshadows are used primarily for their vivid shades and glossy look. However, there is less color selection for cream eyeshadows than there is for loose pigments. One way to achieve this look without purchasing cream eyeshadows is to use Vaseline. Applying Vaseline completely alters the look of a look of a dark loose pigment eyeshadow. Vaseline makes the color of the shadow more vivid and intense, and adds a glossy look that's appropriate for a night out on the town. If you have an extra eyeshadow pot, you can premix your loose eyeshadow and Vaseline for quicker application.

Dark eyeshadow creates a smoky, evening look

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Step 1

Apply the Vaseline petroleum jelly as eye shadow primer to your eyelid up to the browbone area. Use an application wand to dot the primer on your lid, then spread the Vaseline with your finger until your eyelid is saturated. Primers keep eyeshadow in place for longer than just shadow alone.

Step 2

Using an eyeshadow brush, apply the dark loose eyeshadow cross your eyelid. If you are layering a lighter colored eyeshadow with a darker one, apply the lighter shadow first. Concentrate the darker shadow on your outer lid area to create a smokier effect.

Step 3

Using a cotton swab, scoop up a dab of Vaseline and place it on your ring ringer. Apply the Vaseline to the eyeshadow in a circular motion. Begin with the inner eyelid and work your way to the outer eyelid.

Step 4

Continue applying Vaseline until you achieve the level of shine that you want. The more Vaseline that you apply, the shiner the eyeshadow will appear.

Step 5

Remove any excess eyeshadow with a cotton swab and eye makeup remover. Apply eye makeup remover to a cotton swab and glide it over the areas with excess eyeshadow. If you don't have eye makeup remover on hand, you can use lotion instead.

Step 6

Apply a makeup finishing spray and wait for two minutes for the eyeshadow to dry.