How to Use Tape for a Bra

By Michelle Barry

In an emergency situation using tape as a bra could be your only option. Whether your bra snapped or was simply lost, crafting your own using the supplies you have will typically be better than nothing. Using tape for a bra may be preferable over a conventional bra for use under a Halloween costume or dance costume, where the clothing may be cut in ways where a bra straps would show.

A bra can be duplicated with some well-placed tape.

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Step 1

Dress in the shirt, dress or costume that requires the use of a tape bra.

Step 2

Note where the shirt is cut and what areas are exposed and which are hidden to help determine where the best areas to tape are that won't be visible.

Step 3

Remove the clothing and place the first strip of tape approximately two and a half inches below the middle of your armpit. Drape the tape under your breast and up to the middle of your chest, even with the starting point of the tape. Cut the tape and press down on it to fully adhere. This strip provides basic under-breast support.

Step 4

Repeat the arm pit, under breast taping on the other breast.

Step 5

Place another piece of tape at the outside, center of the breast and drape it across both breasts horizontally to the outside of the opposite breast. This will help create perkiness and cleavage.

Step 6

Cut a small piece of fabric, a circle about an inch in diameter to protect the nipple of the breast. Choose a soft fabric such as cotton or jersey. Cut a similar circle for the other breast. Use two small strips of tape to create a criss-cross over the nipple to hold the material in place. This will help give your breasts a rounded look underneath the clothing.

Step 7

Add straps for support of the dress or shirt allows for it. This will not work if the shirt or dress is strapless, you will want to mimic any existing straps for added support. For example, if the dress is a halter, add a strip of tape that is adhered to the underneath of the breast, around the outer edge of the breast and up around the neck, on each side, for added support.