Snap-on hair rollers are magnetic rollers that use the power of static electricity to keep hair in place on the roller. They provide all of the style of traditional hair rollers without the hassle of pins, Velcro or rubber cable snaps. They hold hair in place using a two-part mechanism consisting of the magnetized roller and a sheath or cover that snaps on top of the roller, keeping it in place and keeping the hair firmly attached to the roller. The holds are tight and secure, making this the perfect kind of roller for overnight or long-wear use.

Wash and condition your hair. You need a clean slate to get the best curls. Apply your preferred styling product, such as gel or mousse, to your hair, and then blow dry it over a round brush to create smooth, dry hair.

Use a comb to divide your hair into four sections (front/top, sides and back) and secure the sections in place with clips. This keeps the hair out of your way while you are rolling one section.

Unclip the back section. The size of your rollers will determine the size of your curls and the number of rollers you use. Divide your section into as many smaller sections as you have rollers. Gather the first small section and run the comb through it to make sure it is smooth. Place the ends of the section on the roller and begin rolling under until the curler is close to the head. Rolling under allows the plastic snap to hold the roller closer to the head. Rolling the opposite direction can cause the roller to come loose. Snap the cover over the hair and roller to secure them into place.

Repeat step three on the remaining two sides and the front. Once you have secured all of the snap-on rollers with the magnetic snap-on tops, set the curls by making a few passes over each curl with a hot hair dryer.

Remove the rollers by snapping off the covers and unrolling the hair from each roller. Once all the rollers are removed, style as usual.


Metal components can get hot when too much heat is applied. Do not use excessive high heat when setting your curls with the hair dryer.