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Raw White Out, a conditioning toner, mixes with the Raw volume to create a strong hair bleach. You can use this kit to lighten your hair all the way to a bright, platinum blond. Many people use the Raw bleach kit before coloring their hair with a Raw hair dye color. Raw hair dye, available in "funky" colors such as green or purple, lasts longer and looks more vibrant if you bleach your hair before using the dye.

Don plastic or latex gloves. Wear an old shirt or sweater to avoid letting bleach hit your skin or clothing.

Apply petroleum jelly to the area around your ears, forehead and neck. This protects your skin from the harsh effects of bleach.

Open the Raw White Out kit and pour it into the bowl. Open the Raw Activator and pour it into the bowl. Mix using your gloved finger or a hair dyeing brush. Stir thoroughly. If you have short hair, you may want to use only half of each bottle and save the rest for a later time.

Dip your hands in the bleach mixture and gather a small amount of bleach. Apply this bleach to the tips of your hair.

Continue applying bleach to your hair. Do not apply bleach to the roots. Comb the bleach through your hair using your fingers.

Allow the bleach to lighten your hair for 15 to 45 minutes. The exact amount of time you want to wait depends on the thickness and darkness of your hair.

Add bleach to the roots of your hair. Allow this bleach to lighten for five to 10 minutes.

Rinse the bleach from your hair using a shower or sink. Rinse thoroughly. If desired, condition your hair using your favorite conditioner. Allow your hair to air dry. If you hair is still darker than you wish, you can repeat the bleaching process once your hair dries. You may want to wait two to three weeks before bleaching your hair again to give your hair time to recuperate from the harsh effects of dyeing.


To know the exact amount of time you should let the dye sit in your hair, perform a strand test. Cut a small snippet of your from your head and cover it in dye. Check the snippet ever five to 10 minutes. Mark the total time when the hair is the lightness you desire.


Hair bleach can damage your hair. Do not bleach your hair too frequently or you may face split ends or hair loss.

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