How to Use Moleskin on the Inside of a Shoe

By Lee Weal

Moleskin is made of a cotton flannel material with an adhesive backing. Hikers and runners routinely carry it as part of their first-aid kits for the treatment of blisters and corns. Moleskin is available for purchase as a rectangular sheet that can be cut to size to wrap heels, toes or any part of the foot that is irritated or blistered due to shoe friction. Some people use moleskin on the inside of a shoe as a preventive measure instead of placing it on the feet.

Avoid wearing new running shoes on long hikes or for marathons.

Step 1

Run your hand along the inside of the shoe at the heel area. Also check anywhere inside the shoe where there is stitching detail or decorative elements that are attached by metal or stitching. Alternatively, wear the shoe for several hours and take note of any areas of friction that cause foot discomfort.

Step 2

Cut the moleskin sheet to size with sharp scissors.

Step 3

Peel off the adhesive backing and attach the moleskin to the inside of the shoe, smoothing to make sure there are no wrinkles.

Step 4

Try on the shoe. Cut away any excess moleskin. Reposition it or cut a new piece if necessary.