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Frown lines are an inevitable part of the aging process. Unfortunately, you can't remove them with a magical powder. However, you do have options to reduce the lines. For instance, you can invest in surgical procedures or use products to exfoliate and reduce the appearance of the lines. You can also use makeup to conceal the frown lines. You just need to properly prepare your face before applying the makeup and use the right products to minimize the lines.

Apply a couple of drops of moisturizer after you have washed your face, while it is still damp so the lotion will penetrate into the skin. Mature skin is drier and needs extra moisture, so use an age-appropriate moisturizer. The moisturizer will plump up the lines a little as well. Allow the skin to dry for a couple of minutes.

Use a sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun's rays and prevent more lines from forming. Apply it after the moisturizer has dried on the face. Pour a couple of drops on your hand and apply the sunscreen to your entire face with your fingers.

Apply a primer to your frown lines. This product fills in small lines, so pour a drop on your finger and rub it in one direction over your frown lines. Rub it until it is blended into the skin. You can buy primers in beauty supply stores or drug stores.

Apply a concealer to the frown lines. Pour a drop of liquid concealer onto your finger and rub it over the frown lines. Rub two or three times to blend it in evenly. Do not apply more than a drop or two of concealer; you don't want the makeup to cake, making the frown lines more noticeable.

Apply a liquid foundation that reduces the appearance of lines. This type of foundation contains moisturizing ingredients, such as soy, and light-reflecting particles that make wrinkles less noticeable. You can buy these foundations at drug stores or grocery stores. Simply pour a drop onto your finger and rub it over your frown lines. Rub in one direction until the makeup is blended into the skin. You can now finish your makeup application. Add a drop of foundation to one area of your face at a time and blend with your finger.


Do not use powder. According to makeup artist Bobbi Brown, powder may make wrinkles more pronounced because it sinks into the skin.