How to Use Hair Rollers to Style Hair. Some people associate hair rollers with housewives sitting under bonnet hair dryers in the 1960s. In fact, hair rollers are the fastest way for women to achieve curls or full-body hairstyles without the application of chemicals or hair extensions. Learn how to use hair rollers to style your hair and take your hair from flat to fabulous.

Choose hair rollers that meet the needs of your hair type. Use Velcro rollers for thick hair, plastic rollers for damaged hair or heated rollers for fine hair.

Use bobby pins to hold slick plastic rollers in place. Heated rollers come with U-shaped pins and Velcro rollers are self-adhering.

Opt for the largest rollers if you want a hairstyle that features body without curl. Use the smallest rollers in the pack to create masses of curls.

Separate sections of hair for each roller with a comb. Roll larger sections of hair for styles that emphasize body. Separate hair into many sections for more curls.

Twist each section of hair before rolling into the curler to create corkscrew-like curls. Grasp a section of hair by the end, twist it until it tightens and roll the twisted hair into the curler.

Spray each section of hair with a light misting of hair spray for lasting hold. Skip this step if you applied gel or mousse to hair while it was damp, but pass a hair dryer over the curled hair to set the style.

Sleep with curlers for wake-up-and-go hairstyles. Use a hair net to prevent the curlers from dragging on your pillow.