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Coconut has a refreshing flavor that is extremely versatile; it can be sweetened and added to desserts just as easily as it can be paired with savory ingredients. Buying a fresh coconut to shred requires time, effort and tools, but you can use frozen, shredded coconut which will produce results that are just as good.


Add frozen coconut to a blender and mix with spices such as ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg to make chutney to serve with an Indian-inspired dinner.

Substitute the chutney spices for other seasonings and herbs such as fennel or basil for sauces.

Serve the coconut chutney as a cooling accompaniment to curry.


Make a cake frosting and spread the frosting over the top of a cake.

Sprinkle frozen, shredded coconut over the frosting. You can also make a layer cake by spreading a layer of cake mixture in a cake tin, followed by a layer of frosting, then a layer of the shredded coconut. Repeat with another layer using the shredded coconut spread over the frosting.

Mix the shredded coconut into cake batter for a tropical-style cake.

Fried Foods

Fry a variety of fresh herbs such as basil, garlic and onion in hot oil in a large pan or wok for three or four minutes. Add the shredded coconut when the smell of the herbs fills the air. Stir your favorite vegetables in with the coconut and herbs.

Stir together shredded coconut with curry paste and spices to make a sauce that can be used as a marinade or a base for curries.

Add frozen shredded coconut toward the end of frying to give flavor to fish, meat and vegetable dishes.