Coconut layer cake
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A freshly baked and frosted coconut cake is a rich and eye-pleasing dessert as is, but it can also last several weeks or months and still taste great if you keep it stored in your freezer. The cake batter itself can also be stored frozen and then reused as you need it. Be careful, though, because some types of cake frosting do not freeze well and you lose texture and taste when cakes using them are thawed.


For best results, bake the layers of your coconut cake and frost them with a buttercream frosting. Buttercream freezes well, and when the cake is thawed, it retains its structure and flavor. Meringues or marshmallow-based frostings do not freeze well and are used only after you defrost unfrosted cake layers completely. In this instance, you freeze the layers separately and then thaw and frost.

Freezing and Storing Coconut Cake

After you assemble and frost the cake, press coconut flakes against the sides and top of the cake. Place the finished cake on a rack, and leave the cake in the freezer until it is firm to the touch. When it is ready to store for a long period, wrap the cake tightly in nonstick aluminum foil. Cover the foil in plastic wrap, and secure the entire cake with freezer tape. Your cake can be stored in the freezer up to four months this way. You can also wrap and freeze unfrosted layers of coconut cake in foil and plastic wrap to use and frost when you need them.

Freezing and Storing Coconut Cake Batter

Another way to freeze coconut cake is to freeze the batter and bake it when needed. When preparing the batter, use a double-acting baking powder so that when the thawed cake batter is baked, the coconut cake will rise to its full volume. Store the frozen batter in a quart container or plastic bag. It can be kept for up to two months in the freezer.

Thawing Coconut Cake and Coconut Cake Batter

To thaw the cake batter, remove it from the freezer and keep it at room temperature. Wait about five hours before using the batter. For a wrapped fully baked cake, remove it from the freezer, carefully remove the plastic and foil wrappings, and allow the cake to thaw for about two to three hours before serving.