Black forest cake

Black Forest cake is a sweet, rich German dessert. This type of cake is traditionally covered in whipped cream, chocolate shavings and cherries. Because of its elegant appearance, it is a popular choice of cake for celebrations and special events. Like most other types of cake, it can be baked ahead of time and stored for later use. When prepared properly, a Black Forest cake can be frozen and stored for up to four months.

Wait for the cake to cool down to room temperature after it is finished baking.

Wrap the cake in freezer wrap two times. A double-wrap helps keep the cake protected from freezer burn. If the frosting is already on it, you may have to wrap it loosely to preserve the appearance of the frosting.

Place the cake in a sturdy container. The container must be both wider and taller than the cake. Cakes remain moderately soft in a freezer, so you must use a container to protect the cake from damage.

Remove the cake at least six hours before you are ready to use it. Let it thaw out at room temperature.


For best results, do not decorate the outside of the cake before you freeze it.