Damaged coconut pieces with shell  close up

Coconuts are a healthy, tasty, and most of all, versatile treat. So if you've cracked a coconut for the milk and have to save the meat for a recipe or smoothie down the line, make sure you store the coconut correctly. With proper storage, the flesh from your coconut should stay delicious until you're ready to use it.

Whether you're storing shredded fresh coconut or chunks of fresh coconut, place them into a sealable plastic container.

Seal the container tightly.

Place the container in the refrigerator to store. The chunks of fresh coconut will keep for four to five days, and shredded fresh coconut will keep for one to two days.


Store shredded coconut in the freezer for up to six months. Place the shredded fresh coconut into a plastic freezer bag and squeeze out as much air as possible. Seal the bag and write the date and contents on the bag.