How to Make Buko Juice or Coconut Milk Drink

By LeafTV Team

Buko juice is a popular, refreshing drink from the Philippines. "Buko" is a Filipino word that means "young coconut." Hence, Buko juice is also known as coconut milk drink. There are two ways to prepare a Buko juice, one that uses fresh juice from the coconut fruit and one that uses canned Buko juice concentrate. purchased from groceries carrying Asian products. Either version offers a healthy drink that has traditionally been used to treat a urinary tract infection.

Coconut milk makes a delicious, refreshing treat.

Fresh Coconut Juice Version

Step 1

Remove the outer shell or husk of the coconut fruit by using a sharp butcher knife or machete until the middle layer is exposed. Crack open the top part of the coconut fruit.

Step 2

Pour the coconut milk through a strainer into a tall pitcher. Straining gives you a clear coconut milk that is free of small particles.

Step 3

Use a citrus zester to remove the coconut flesh, or meat, from the shell. Add the shredded coconut meat to the pitcher, then stir in 2 cups of water and 2 tbsp. of sugar.

Step 4

Pour the drink over ice cubes in a tall glass.

Canned Buko Juice Version

Step 1

Pour two 2 8-oz. cans of coconut fruit juice or milk concentrate into a pitcher.

Step 2

Add 2 cups of water and 2 tbsp. sugar to the pitcher and stir.

Step 3

Add ice cubes and serve in tall glasses.