Buko juice is a popular refreshing drink from the Philippines. “Buko” is a Filipino word which means “young coconut” in English. Hence, Buko juice is also known as Coconut Milk Drink. There are two ways to prepare a Buko juice, one is by using fresh coconut juice from the coconut fruit, the other way is by using canned Buko juice concentrate purchased from groceries carrying Asian products. Either way, they offer a refreshing and healthy drink. Buko juice is known to help cure UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).

Things You'll Need

Remove the outer shell or husk of the coconut fruit by using a sharp butcher knife or machete until the middle layer is exposed. Crack open the top part of the coconut fruit.

Pour coconut milk through a strainer into a tall pitcher. Straining will give you a clear coconut milk free from small particles.

Take out the coconut flesh or meat using a lemon zester to shred. Add the coconut meat to the pitcher, then stir in water and sugar

Add ice cubes and serve.

How to Prepare Buko Juice from Canned Buko Juice

Go to the nearest grocery that carries Asian food and drink products. Get 2 cans of cocount fruit juice or milk concentrate.

Get a pitcher and pour in the coconut juice.

Add water and sugar. Stir.

Add ice cubes and serve.


  • You can drink pure coconut milk or buko juice straight from the fruit without adding sugar and water. Just put a straw in for a pure, delicious taste of Buko juice.