How to Use Dipping Tobacco with Mock Meat

By Richard Toole

Chewing tobacco has long been a part of sports, especially with baseball players. For whatever reason, it has always been proper to hold a wad of chew in your cheek, or a pinch of dip between your cheek and gum. Today, there is a new alternative to using dangerous tobacco- but you still get to look like you have a mouth full of the real stuff!

Jerky Chew!

Step 1

Learn what it is. The dipping tobacco is not actually tobacco. It's imitation "beef" jerky meat. Yes, it is both vegetarian and free of tobacco.It is packaged in a plastic "tin" or container so that is looks much like the real thing. Although you will get a hefty dose of salt from the jerky, it is an extremely much safer alternative to real tobacco, as tobacco causes cancer and could see you getting your tongue and/or jaw removed! Yikes!

Step 2

Chew the jerky as if you would chewing tobacco. You open the tin, grab a pinch with your index finger and thumb, and stuff it in between you gum and lower lip. The commercials all say "Put it between your cheek and gum" but it really isn't in your cheek at all. You can spit the saliva that will form in your mouth, or you can actually just eat the jerky if you prefer! Can't say that about regular chew! It also comes in flavors such as teriyaki.

Step 3

Use it whenever you would normally use dipping tobacco. It can help ease your cravings as you quit tobacco altogether, or it can help you fit in with those that chew even if you never wish to try it.

Step 4

Fight the effects of the salt. The only drawback to using Jerky chew is all that salt in the jerky. For some people this won't even be an issue, but for other folks- especially those who use it repeatedly in the same day, it can be a problem. The saltiness of the dip can rub your gums raw after a while, so it is best to alternate sides if you plan on using a lot of it.

Step 5

Flush your mouth out with water after you are done. It helps removes some of the salt, and you should make sure to follow the water wash with brushing your teeth when possible.