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Add flavor to your food without using salt. Grind any type of dried seaweed into a powder to make a salt substitute to use in your recipes. All edible seaweeds contribute healthy vitamins and minerals to your diet, including vitamins A, B, C and E and iodine. The distinctive flavor of seaweed is known as "umami" – a savory sensation unlike any of the other four tastes of the tongue: sweet, salty, bitter and sour. Used as a seasoning, seaweed powder can enhance the flavor of any food.

Place a handful of dried seaweed into a coffee or spice grinder.

Pulse the grinder until the dried seaweed becomes pulverized into a fine powder.

Sprinkle the powder over your food or add it to taste for a savory flavor accent.


Try any edible seaweed – such as dried kelp, nori or dulse – for making this seasoning.

Look for dried seaweed at Japanese markets, international grocery stores and on the Internet.