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The most common condition for which children take antibiotics is the ear infection, according to Coconut Oil Central. Many parents, however, prefer to give more natural remedies to their children. Adults also like to try natural remedies whenever they can. Coconut oil is one natural treatment that people use to clear up ear infections.


According to Natural Cures and Remedies, otitis media is the medical term for an ear infection. Otitis means inflammation, and media means middle (referring to the middle ear, where ear infections usually occur). Ear pain is a key symptom of ear infection, as is fever. Other symptoms include irritability, fluid draining from the ear and difficulty sleeping.


One of the main reasons why many people prefer to use coconut oil as opposed to other treatments is safety. Using coconut oil in the ear has relatively few side-effects or risks, whereas other approaches, such as medications, involve numerous side-effects. In addition, many are concerned about the overuse of antibiotics. “Coconut oil kills a long list of bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and protozoa,” according to Coconut Oil Central, because it contains high levels of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs).


Using coconut oil for an ear infection is relatively easy. If possible, it is best that someone other than the person with the ear infection administer the coconut oil drops, because it can be difficult to place the drops correctly into one’s own ears. Coconut oil is solid, so melt it slightly until it becomes liquid. Place the oil into an eye dropper. Have the person with the infected ear lie down, and carefully place several drops of the liquid oil into the affected ear. The person with the infected ear should continue reclining for several minutes to allow the oil to absorb into the ear. To prevent the oil from coming out of the ear, place a small piece of a cotton ball into the outer part of the ear.


There are various brands of coconut oil for sale, and these are available in health food stores, other grocery stores and from online retailers, such as those that sell nutritional supplements. It is important to use a quality oil for use in the ear and preferably an organic one that is as pure as possible.


One can also eat coconut oil to get additional healing benefits for ear infections. According to Natural Cures and Remedies, eating good fats like coconut oil can help to boost the immune system. Placing a heating pad or warm towel over the ear is another soothing natural treatment for ear infections.


Do not place coconut oil into the ear if the eardrum is possibly injured. In that case, seek help from a health practitioner.