How to Use Brite Smile Tooth Whitener

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Most people want brighter, whiter teeth. Yet few people can afford the expensive tooth whitening procedures provided by their dentists. Consequently, many turn to home treatments which, up until the past few years, included complicated trays and harsh bleaching chemicals that could irritate or even damage the gums. The first brush-on tooth whiteners worked well to maintain already-whitened teeth but did very little to actually improve overall whiteness on their own. Today, however, there are newer tooth whitening products on the market that come in an easy-delivery system that makes it simple to whiten and brighten teeth wherever and whenever desired. One of the best is Brite Smile. The product's simple, pen-style applicator allows the whitener to be specifically targeted. Because it is small and easy to carry in a pocket or small bag, it can be used anywhere--at the office, at a sporting event or in a restaurant. It is safe and nonirritating, and best of all, it actually works.

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How To Use Brite Smile Tooth Whitener


Purchase Brite Smile through one of several online retailers. Generally, three pens come in a traditional Brite Smile order. Each pen will last about 20 to 30 days, depending upon the number of applications used daily.

Brush teeth as normal. Brite Smile sells corresponding toothpaste for those who want to obtain the best results. However, it is perfectly acceptable to use any toothpaste desired. Avoid drinking or eating for at least 30 minutes before applying Brite Smile. Let the teeth rest before applying the tooth-whitening polish.

Prepare the pen for product application. Click the top of the applicator the same way you click to open an old-fashioned ballpoint pen. Repeat the process until it is evident that some of the tooth-whitening product is dispensed onto the pen's built-in brush. This will generally take 15 to 25 clicks of the pen.

Brush the Brite Smile tooth-whitening product onto the teeth. Do an all-over application, a partial application or a spot application (only on certain teeth) as desired. Avoid the gum area, but do not worry if the product spills onto the gums since it will not irritate or inflame them. Let the product dry for between 30 and 60 seconds before closing your mouth. The product will work much better if it is not immediately exposed to the mouth's saliva.Avoid eating or drinking for 30 minutes after applying Brite Smile. This allows the whitening product to do its job properly.

Repeat the application at least twice a day, preferably in the morning and at nighttime. However, feel free to use it more often if desired. Just don't overdo it; no more than three or four applications per day.

Cut back on the number of applications of Brite Smile once the desired tooth whiteness has been obtained. This will take between 2 and 3 weeks, which is also about the amount of time a Brite Smile pen applicator will last. Continue this maintenance mode to keep teeth white and bright.

Go back to the standard application procedure of twice a day if a period of time lapses without using the whitening pen and your teeth begin to become stained once again. Once you achieve whiteness again, move back into maintenance mode.

Reorder Brite Smile when you begin to use the third pen that comes in a traditional Brite Smile order. That way, you will always have product on hand.


  • Consider purchasing Brite Smile in bulk. It will be cheaper that way.