Teeth implants are permanent false teeth that are "rooted" in or on your jaw. They function just like real teeth. Many people prefer them to dentures. Gold teeth implants work much like conventional implants, but they are largely a vanity item. If you are considering having gold teeth implants, make sure that you understand all the care issues and ramifications of having this surgery.


In early periods of Egyptian and Chinese history, gold was used for false teeth because it was so malleable. In fact, skulls over 5,000 years old have been found to have gold teeth in their mouths. More recently, however, gold has been replaced by titanium and porcelain so that false teeth look like real ones. Now, gold teeth are mostly an accessory or an expression of individuality.


Gold teeth implants have two pieces: a titanium implant that is surgically screwed into the jawbone, and the actual gold tooth. The gold tooth is attached to the implant and functions just like a normal tooth. It can be used to chew and bite, can be cleaned like natural teeth and cannot be removed.


Gold teeth implants are permanent. If you like the look of gold teeth but feel that they are not professional in the workplace, you may elect to have a porcelain tooth implant with a gold cap or crown. This way, you can remove the gold for work and meetings, but wear it on personal time. "Grillz" are sets of gold caps that cover the entire bottom or top of the teeth.


Gold teeth can be accessorized with additional stones and designs. To really add sparkle to your smile, you can decorate your gold teeth with real or artificial diamonds or gemstones.



The benefits of gold teeth implants are nearly identical to the benefits of any other type of tooth implant. They are less of a strain on your surrounding teeth than bridgework because they are rooted in your jawbone instead of held to other teeth. You do not have to worry about them falling out of your mouth, and you can eat any type of food you like. They do not require special cleaning, and you entirely avoid the unpleasant issue of denture glue. Gold teeth can also make your mouth look more stylish, depending on your definition of style.


Should you elect to get gold teeth implants, remember that this decision is a permanent one. It is very complicated, painful and costly to reverse this decision later, and in some cases it is impossible. Teeth implants are less successful on people who have weak jawbones or who have a history of serious gum disease, so work closely with your doctor to make sure that your odds for a successful surgery are as good as possible.