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Forget your usual soap and water routine -- body wash often contains emollients, is less drying and typically produces a more luxurious lather than soap. Available in a variety of tempting scents -- think coconut, jasmine and birthday cake -- body wash lets you inject some personality into your daily cleaning.

Find Your Match

Body wash comes in different formulas made for different skin types: clear, liquid, shower gels, which are mostly water and detergent, and rich, moisturizing body varieties, which often contain oils. Gels are ideal for oily or normal skin, but can irritate sensitive skin if they include fragrance. Moisturizing body washes work well for dry skin, but can be a bit pricier and may leave a sticky film after showering. If you have sensitive skin, look for a hypoallergenic version of either shower gel or body wash.

Prep Time

Ensure you have a wash cloth, loofah or pouf ready when it's time to shower. Such accessories help to create a lather and encourage the oils in the product to combine with the conditioning polymers which are then deposited onto the skin. Turn on the shower, ensuring the temperature is warm, but not too hot. If you’re washing your hair, do that first; that way, you can let your hair conditioner soak in while you wash your body.

Lots of Lather

Apply some body wash to your loofah, cloth or pouf. Work your way from the top of your body to the bottom, focusing on those hard-to-reach areas and places that are most prone to sweat. In a pinch, the body wash can also serve as a shaving gel, while formulas with exfoliating beads help to slough off dry, rough skin.

Soak It Up

When it's time to take a soak, swap your bubble bath for body wash. Though you won’t get as many bubbles, hydrating washes are less drying to your skin. Once you’ve finished, apply lotion all over your body. Doing this right away will help lock in the moisture from your body wash and help you in obtaining silky, smooth skin.

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