By Jennifer Brister

Heat therapy is one of easiest and more effective ways to treat pain without medication. Infrared heat lamps radiate heat onto the sore muscle area without disturbing the air around you. Far-infrared lamps break the spectrum of radiation, making you able to adjust the intensity of the frequency. There are many types of infrared heat lamps available and most of them are relatively easy to use.

Infrared heat lamps are a good alternative to traditional pain medication.

Step 1

Place the heat lamp at least 18 inches away from your skin on the painful area of your body. Do not let anything touch the lamp, such as curtains or bed linens.

Step 2

Check to see that your infrared lamp is enclosed using its shields or screens. If the bulbs are not covered, the intense heat can cause them to shatter.

Step 3

Turn on the heat lamp and let it radiate toward your sore muscles for 20 to 30 minutes. The heat is rather intense, so if you notice that you skin is beginning to burn, turn the heat lamp off immediately.