Coffee cup on wooden table over defocused cafeteria background

Handy and easy to use, the Mr. Coffee coffee maker comes in a range of sizes, and the standard automatic brewer makes drip coffee. The amount it can produce depends on the size of the machine, which ranges from 4- to 12-cup coffee makers. All versions of the machine let you keep brewed coffee warm, and because you add the coffee, you have greater control over the strength of your brew.

Whether it's your first cup or your hundredth, the brewing process remains the same for all Mr. Coffee coffee makers.

Once the coffee and water have been added, the coffee is ready to be brewed.

To keep it functioning properly, the Mr. Coffee coffee machine must be cleaned regularly. Do a general daily cleaning of certain parts, and a more thorough cleaning of all parts once every month or two.

Some basic considerations can help solve most problems you might encounter with a Mr. Coffee coffee machine.