How to Use a Jilbere Razor Comb

By Tracy Moore

Fine, thin hair falls flat and leaves an unappealing style to your hair. To save money and give yourself a new look, use a Jilbere precision razor comb to give your hair more life and texture, making it look fuller. This comb can also be used to create choppy ends on layered hair to give your style more edge. Blunt hair also benefits from a razor comb to give the hair a tapered look.

Give your hair a textured look with a razor comb.

Step 1

Brush your hair to remove any tangles or snarls to be able to work with a smooth, even surface.

Step 2

Spray your hair to get it damp to wet. The comb will be easier to use as well as giving a more precise cut while the hair is wet.

Step 3

Grab a small piece of hair you want you texture. Hold the piece of hair with your fingers 2 inches to 3 inches from the end and use slow, quick strokes to cut it with the razor comb. Use the end with the wider teeth for less texture and the smaller teeth side for more.

Step 4

Use the comb only on the ends of the hair and bangs, never use at the roots. Lift pieces of hair up and comb in the opposite direction to create a more choppy texture.