How to Use a Diffuser On Black Hair

By LeafTV Contributor

A diffuser is an attachment for a hand held blow dryer. It prevents frizzy hair, and is particularly effective on curly hair. It is sometimes used by black people with naturally curly hair or those who blow-dry their hair. The diffuser reduces the chance of heat damage that a blow dryer can cause.

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Step 1

Wash and condition the hair in warm to cool water. Hot water promotes frizzing in black hair.

Step 2

Bend forward and wrap the hair in a towel. Wring the hair up in the towel without agitation.

Step 3

Apply leave-in conditioner or gel designed for black hair.

Step 4

Set the diffuser temperature to medium-high.

Step 5

Tilt the head to one side so the ends of the hair drop into the middle of the diffuser head. Bring the blow dryer up to rest on the scalp with the hair still in the diffuser. Keep the diffuser moving from side to side until the hair dries. Repeat this for each section of hair until it is all dry. Allow the hair to curl and dry without agitation from your opposite hand.