By Erin Morris

Cars…sometimes they are simply more trouble than they’re worth. It always seems that something is wrong, and fixing the problem is not always cheap. For small holes in the body of any car, there are a few options you have for filling them. While welding will give you excellent results, it can sometimes be costly and time consuming; mostly because it will require you to take it to an auto body shop. With the Bondo Self Adhesive Body Patch, you can patch small body holes without having to visit the mechanic.

Use a Bondo Body Patch

Step 1

Clean the body area. The Bondo Body Patch is best for rusted or damaged areas of the car body so before patching any damage on the body of your car, you’ll first want to be sure that there are no loose or hanging pieces of damaged body. Take sand paper or an electric grinder and smooth out the damaged area. Use compressed air to remove any small particles, grease or oil that could not be wiped clean. Then take your cleaning agent and thoroughly clean the damaged area; this will give you a clean, sturdy support for your body patch.

Step 2

Attach the patch. Once your area is cleaned and ready, attach the Bondo Body Patch. The patch is self-adhesive, but depending on the area you are working with, the patch will not always stick on its own. If you come across this problem, use your adhesive (such as glue) to properly attach the Bondo Body Patch. The patch will not rust so it is great for rusted out and damaged areas.

Step 3

Fill in area. The Bondo Body Patch provides a firm, metal reinforced foundation for car body fillers; once the patch is firmly in place, you can then fill in the damaged area. Apply your filler frugally and evenly; you don’t want to use too much. Use your razor or any other object with a straight edge to apply the filler evenly over the patch.

Step 4

Sand the area. Once the body filler is dry, use your sand paper to sand down the treated area. This will ensure smoothness and evenness over the total area. Once the area is properly sanded down, wipe the area down with a wet cloth and then dry it carefully with a dry cloth.

Step 5

Paint the car body. Once your filler is sanded and dry, the last step is to apply touch up paint to the treated area. Once the car body is painted it will look as good as new. The Bondo Body Patch is a great way to improve the overall look of your car quickly and easily.