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Twisted hair is a beautiful and simple hairstyle for relaxed hair. Twists are known for their versatility and can be achieved on any length of hair. Twisted hair can last for several weeks and is considered to be low-maintenance and easily manageable. Twists are created by twisting two individual strands of hair around each other. By following simple steps you can learn how to create smooth and long-lasting twists on relaxed hair.

Wash and lightly towel dry hair so that it is left slightly damp.

Separate hair into four even sections and secure each section with a hair clip.

Starting with one section at a time, spray a small amount of water onto the hair.

Part a 1-inch section of hair and apply a dab of gel and moisturizer to it.

Comb and smooth out the strands with a fine tooth comb.

Split the hair into two individual hair pieces and twist the hair around each other in an up-and-over-like motion.

Curl the ends of the twist around a perm rod. Doing this will leave a slight curl and ensure that the twist does not unravel.

Repeat the above steps and create several twists for each section of hair, securing the twists with perm rods.

Remove perm rods when hair is completely dry and enjoy a head-full of beautiful twists.


Keep twists shiny and moisturized by misting hair with water and applying a touch of coconut oil.

Wear a satin or silk bonnet at night to help maintain twists.

Retwist individual twists as needed to maintain the hairstyle.