How to Turn Gray Hair Golden Blond

By Contributing Writer

Many people with gray hair wish to color it to gain a more youthful appearance. Gray hair can be colored at home rather simply and inexpensively. Light golden blond colors and honey tones are the most effective color choices for covering up gray hair. Lighter colors penetrate gray hair more evenly than darker ones and provide a more natural look with less contrast when roots begin to grow. The following steps detail how to turn your gray hair golden blond.

Gray hair
Hair swatches

Step 1

Select a permanent hair dye in the golden blond shade you desire. Many beauty supply stores have hair swatches to help you choose the appropriate color. Be sure you use a brand made specifically for gray coverage. These dyes penetrate the hair shaft better and have a higher-quality pigment in their dye.

Developer, gloves and applicator bottle

Step 2

Put on gloves prior to mixing the dye. In the applicator bottle, mix the permanent hair dye with the 30 volume developer according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Hair parted in sections

Step 3

Part your hair into four sections. To do this, part once at your center part. On each side, make another horizontal part through the middle of the section. Clip each section in place.

Dye application

Step 4

Unclip one of the bottom sections. Apply the dye beginning at the base of the neck and moving out to the end of the hair strand. Make sure to thoroughly work dye through visibly gray areas. Continue applying dye throughout the section until the entire section is saturated. Reclip the section. Continue until each section is coated with dye.


Step 5

Gray hair can be more resistant to color penetration, so leave the dye on for the full amount of time indicated in the manufacturer's instructions. This will allow for better overall coverage. Set a timer to avoid overprocessing.

Rinsing hair

Step 6

Rinse dye from hair with lukewarm water. Follow up with a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to maintain longer-lasting results.