How to Turn a Pair of Tights into a Shirt

By LeafTV Editor

Turning a pair of tights into a shirt is a trend that started in ballet studios. To stay warm, dancers recycle their old tights to create a form-fitting warm-up shirt to rehearse in. The look transcends the ballerina barre and can be worn on the street.

Tights get a second life as a warm-up shirt.

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Step 1

Lay a pair of tights on a flat surface and smooth them out.

Step 2

Cut the feet off the tights. The legs of the tights will be the arms of the shirt.

Step 3

Cut the crotch out of the tights to create a head opening. Adjust hole size to fit and desired neckline.

Step 4

Wear or distress by making small holes and runs in the fabric, if you want.