How to Treat Warts With Banana Peel. Warts are stubborn, embarrassing and sometimes even painful. There are many commercial treatments available to treat warts, ranging from home cryotherapy kits to salicylic acid. These treatments are expensive and some make the wart appear even uglier and more conspicuous than the untreated wart. Forgo expensive traditional remedies and use the most gentle and inexpensive home remedy available, the banana peel.

Use fresh banana peel pieces each day on the affected areas. Some people recommend freezing chunks of banana peel and thawing pieces as needed to avoid going through so many bananas, but fresh peel has a higher efficacy.

Cut a fresh square inch-sized piece of banana peel. Use bananas that are just turning from green to yellow, as the active healing compounds degrade with age. Wash the affected area with soap and warm water.

Prepare the wart by soaking it in warm water to soften the rough surface. You can also abrade the surface with an emery board to disrupt the surface of the wart.

Secure the inner side of the peel to the wart with an adhesive bandage. Leave the bandaged peel in place for at least eight hours overnight.

Wash the treated area with soap and warm water in the morning. Allow the wart to air dry, and then apply a clean bandage to the wart during the day. Change the bandage whenever it gets wet, as the virus that causes warts thrives in moist environments.

Remove the black and brown parts of the damaged wart daily with nail trimmers. You must expose the fresh, undamaged wart root to the peel to enhance the treatment. You should begin to see progress after 3 days of treatment. Most warts disappear after 14 days.