How to Treat a Scar With Honey & Lemon

By Alicia Bodine

According to The Scar Information Service, a scar is the result of our bodies laying down collagen fibers to heal the skin from an injury. Although the appearance of a scar will never completely go away, the scar can be treated so that it fades and is less noticeable. Two home ingredients that work to improve the skin and lessen the appearance of the scar are honey and lemon. The honey and lemon will remove any dead skin cells and lighten the scar.


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Step 1

Scoop out 1 tbsp. of honey and put it in a small bowl.


Step 2

Add 10 drops of lemon juice to the honey and mix thoroughly with a spoon.


Step 3

Spread the honey and lemon mixture over a piece of gauze and lay it over your scar.


Step 4

Tape the gauze in place and let it remain on the scar overnight while you sleep.


Step 5

Remove the gauze in the morning and repeat each night until the scar is less noticeable.