Crossing paths with a pair of full, heavenward eyelashes can make anyone long for her own set to bat. Training eyelashes is not the most realistic notion, though. The follicles are quite different from those involved in, say, training bangs. There are, however, ways to stimulate growth and promote curl. Though working with what we have can at times be frustrating, using some simple tips and tricks will help you attain curlier lashes before you can blink twice.

Use an Eyelash Curler

Staying true to natural lashes is an optimal choice with a little prompting from a variety of eyelash curlers. The simplest option for those with slight curl is to heat a traditional metal eyelash curler with a blow dryer. The heat will help the lashes hold a curl longer. Some makeup artists recommend that people with straighter lashes use an electric heated lash curler. For added longevity, apply mascara on the lashes in an upward direction before using either the traditional or electronic heated curler. Be sure to allow the product to completely dry first. The idea is that wax inside the mascara will help hold the eyelashes in place.

Get Creative With Mascara

Whether the mascara is a well-known brand or an all-natural rendition like that from W3II People, 100% Pure, Juice Beauty or Josie Maran, mascara magic can send lashes toward the sky. For quick application, start at the base of the lashes and slide the wand back and forth to create a strong base of mascara as well as to lengthen. With individual lashes wriggled into the brushes, pull the wand up to finish the curl. Consider bending the brush into a 90-degree angle for easier application.

Mascara can also be layered in three different ways. The first method is to build layers of the same mascara while allowing enough time for each coat to dry before adding the next. For the second method, begin with a base coat of regular mascara, then add a coat of waterproof mascara. The waterproof formula keeps lashes curled all day; however, the first coat of regular mascara makes makeup removal a snap. The third method involves applying mascara to both the top side and bottom side of lashes. To do so, first look down to apply to the upper side, then look up for the underside to finish with a curling, upward stroke. Remember to swipe the wand across a tissue or towel for a clump-less wand for the next use.

To combine mascara and the use of an eyelash curler for single-coat application with additional curling oomph, apply mascara normally. Heat the eyelash curler with a hairdryer and use after the mascara has dried.

Try a Serum

To simulate eyelash growth, purchase a serum, or simply use essential oils at home. Though oils do not, in fact, help the lash to grow, oils can still be beneficial. Almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil or castor oil will coat the lashes, making them appear thicker and longer. Although the oils do not enhance growth, they do prevent lashes from easily breaking or falling out.

Latisse, a prescribed FDA-approved serum, affects the growth cycle of lashes, which ensures results. The product's main ingredient is bimatoprost, originally used in glaucoma medicines and later found to be an effective lash-growth stimulant. For best results, apply every evening before going to sleep. Side effects may include discoloration of the eyelids and iris, so be sure to apply at the lash line without touching the formula to the skin or eye.

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