Skin care products promise to tighten pores, relieve acne, and minimize breakouts. However, it’s too expensive to buy skin care products that don’t work effectively. This is one of the simplest yet effective facial masks you can make at home. All it requires is oatmeal and water. You will have beautiful skin in no time. Not only will it tighten your pores, it will leave you skin smooth and toned. Enjoy with organic skin care recipe!

Things You'll Need

First, you will need to have about a cup of oatmeal. Grind it up in a blender or food processor. It shouldn’t take very long at all. Make sure it is ground up finely.

After that you will need about half a cup of hot or warm water. Pour your oatmeal into the water and stir.

Let it sit for awhile until it thickens into a paste. After it thickens enough apply it your face. You can apply it all over or in trouble spots around your face. Let it dry completely. Rinse with warm water and there ya go! Instantly awesome skin.