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Sweats are the ultimate all-purpose active clothing. You can jog, do yoga and dance in your sweats, or simply wear them around the house in comfort and ease. Sometimes however, certain activities, like bicycle riding or working the garden in wet conditions, makes the baggy lower parts of sweat pants clumsy and cumbersome. To tie up sweatpants and get them out of the way while you perform these activities, nothing does the trick better than a simple rubber band.

Purchase a package of the wide, double thick rubber bands from a hardware store or market.

Put on your sweat pants.

Fold the bottom of the sweatpants up and over the pants to the desired height. Do not roll the pants up, fold them.

Slip the rubber band over your foot and around your ankle.

Cross the rubber band over and double it. Repeat this if necessary to make it extra tight

Bring the rubber band up to just under the elastic of the bottom of the sweatpants.

Let the rubber band go and secure it just below the elastic. This should tie up the pants securely even if you are performing very active functions.


Larger, thicker and higher quality rubber bands will hold up your sweatpants much better than thin cheap ones. If you are tying up your sweatpants often, invest in quality rubber bands.