The Hawaiian dress skirt is basically a sarong or a pareo, which is a large piece of printed material that can be wrapped around the body in many ways for different fashionable options. Some may choose to wear it as a coverup while others use it as an independent fashion piece. Tie a Hawaiian skirt piece as a regular skirt, a mini-skirt or even as a dress.

Skirt with Ties

Hold the material behind you, resting on your waistline on your back, with the colorful pattern facing out from your body. You can wear the skirt a little higher or just let it rest on your hips -- do what is most comfortable for you.

Extend your arms out to the sides, and then bring them in front of you, one at a time. Your arms will cross in front of each other as you wrap the two sides snugly around your waist. Make it as loose or as tight as you wish.

Tie the Hawaiian dress skirt into place using the strings. Take note of where the slit lies. Adjust the skirt so that it feels comfortable as you move around.

Fold the material into halves or thirds before wrapping it and tying it, if you wish to make a mini-skirt. Use safety pins, as needed, to keep the skirt at the desired length. Experiment with different lengths to find your comfort level and to create many styles out of this one piece of fabric.

Skirt Without Ties

Hold the material behind you at waist level and let it rest on your back. Adjust the placement of the top of the material to fit your comfort level. Make sure the pattern is facing out.

Grasp the corners of the material with two hands. Leave an excess of material, about 6 inches in length, hanging from your hands. This is what you will use to tie the Hawaiian skirt into place.

Extend your arms out to the sides and then bring them in front of you. Tie the fabric into a strong knot, making the skirt as loose or as tight as is comfortable. Some may wish to use a double knot. Keep in mind that wet knots are more difficult to untie.

Adjust the skirt so that the slit is in the desired location. You may wish for the slit to be on the side or in the back, instead of in the front.

Pin safety pins to the skirt in lieu of tying the piece. They can also be used to make the knots feel more secure.

Fold the material in halves or thirds to the desired length, if you want to make a mini-skirt. Use safety pins to keep the material even in length all around.

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