How to Tie a Pirate Head Wrap

By Amber Bartlett-DiNenna

Whether the item is tied, wrapped or looped around the neck -- a fashionable scarf can be worn many different ways. When creating a pirate costume for a child or an adult, it is important to correctly tie your head wrap to look authentic and fashionable.

Use a fabric with various colors and patterns for an interesting look.

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Step 1

Fold your fabric in half into a triangle shape.

Step 2

Place the longest side of the triangle along the top of the forehead, holding two points out to each side of the head. The fabric should sit low enough to cover any hair on the forehead, but also high enough above the eyes to see clearly.

Step 3

Bring the left point of the triangle behind the head and over to the right ear and join with the point on the right side of the head. Pull the two points together behind the right ear.

Step 4

Tie the points of the triangle into a knot behind the right ear. Bring the remaining "tail" of the fabric over the right shoulder, where it will hang down along the right arm.