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A bandana is a strip of cloth worn around the head, neck or wrist and was designed to absorb sweat. Today they are more of a fashion accessory, but are still used in the traditional manner by ranchers and are a common part of costumes. A cowgirl’s bandana is not tied any differently to a cowboy’s version, but the fabric tends to be more feminine and worn exclusively around the neck.

Scarf Slide

Unfold the bandana out full and fold in half to make a triangle.

Place the folded bandana across your shoulders so the main point of the triangle is on your back and the two other points hang in front over the shoulders.

Insert the two points into the scarf slide through the loop ensuring the decorative side is facing out.

Adjust the scarf slide so it is comfortably around the neck.

Bandana Knot

Lay the bandana out and fold it into a triangle.

Arrange the bandana around your neck so the main point is in front pointing down and the other two points are over the shoulders facing backwards.

Cross the two points over each other behind the neck and bring back in front over the main point.

Tie a square knot using the two crossed-over points in front of the main point and adjust so the bandana is securely around the neck.