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"Babushka" is what elderly women are called in Russian society, taken from the name of a customary headgear in that country and elsewhere around the globe. Available in a diverse range of fabrics and patterns, the babushka is worn for a variety of purposes -- from keeping hair out of food to protecting the wearer from the elements. Bad hair days are perfect for the babushka. If you want to tie your own babushka correctly, you're in luck: It's a fairly simple process.

Fold your square piece of fabric in half to make a triangle.

Align the folded edge of your scarf along the middle of your forehead, centered to provide two ends to tie together.

Wrap the two corners at the sides of your head around the back.

Tie the two corners in a double knot at the back of your head.

Tuck the center corner of your scarf, where the two corners of your square originally met, under the knot at the back of your head.

Adjust the height of the scarf to a comfortable position on your forehead.

Pull the center corner under the back knot taut after you're happy with the placement on your forehead.


Use a larger square of fabric to have extra fabric that makes tying your babushka easier, giving your headgear a flowing effect in the back.