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Chanel is an iconic, luxury brand that reflects the style of founder Coco Chanel. Coco began producing hats under the Chanel name and eventually expanded to clothing, perfume and jewelry. Due to the high quality and coveted logo, Chanel is often the target of fakes. These fakes are sold at a low cost with the quality to match. It is important to do your research before purchasing a pair of Chanel earrings because buying a pair of fakes from some counterfeit sellers is often linked to money laundering for terrorism, child labor and human trafficking.

Become familiar with Chanel designs. Chanel earrings are not sold online, but you want to become familiar with their designs to spot a fake easily. Browse their website, Chanel.com, to get a feel for their aesthetic. If possible, visit a Chanel boutique or reputable vintage store.

Know your metals. Chanel does not use precious metals, such as silver, gold or platinum, on any of their earrings or jewelry. Metals used are stainless steel and rhodium. If you are buying in person, be sure to hold the earring. It should feel heavy and sturdy, not flimsy.

Look at the back of the earring. Chanel uses a plastic disk back on their pierced earrings and the hoops will have a clasp. Anything else is a fake.

Check for an authentic stamp. If the earring is large enough, the back will have a stamp of authenticity. However, Chanel hoop earrings are not produced with this stamp of authenticity.

Consider the price. Chanel prices vary for their earrings, but a fine jewelry piece normally starts around $350. If the selling price is under a $100, it is probably a fake. Chanel is a high-quality brand, the prices should accurately reflect this.


If buying online at sites such as eBay, be sure to check the seller's feedback and number of items being sold. If there are multiple earrings up for purchase, be weary.

Avoid buying from flea markets, street vendors or jewelry parties. Items being sold are often fakes being discreetly sold under the "inspired by" label. "Inspired by" means it is not authentic but very closely resembles the real product.

Don't be swayed by serial numbers or authentic boxes. Serial numbers and boxes can easily be duplicated to help pass off a fake item as authentic.