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Tod's has a reputation for producing purses with high quality craftsmanship. Counterfeit fake Tod's purses usually lack that quality. Although it is illegal to sell counterfeit merchandise in the U.S., there are still unscrupulous people that do. Fortunately, if you've purchased a fake Tod's purse online, legal recourse may assist in recouping your money. To notify the proper authorities, you can file a claim with the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center. There are a few notable signs of an authentic Tod's purse.

Review the lining. The lining should be one color and is typically either black or brown. If the lining has several colors, it is not authentic.

Review the logo. The logo is always centered evenly. If the logo is crooked, it is not authentic. Additionally, the logo has a deep impression. If the logo appears to be a shallow stamp, it is not authentic.

Review the dust bag provided with the Tod's purse. The bag must be a chocolaty brown with the signature Tod orange print. Any other print hue indicates the bag is not authentic.

Compare the font size of the lettering. If the S is larger than the T on the embossing on the the inside zipper, the purse is fake.

Examine the zipper. Tod's purses never use nylon zippers. The zipper should be metal. Additionally Lampo should be engraved on the back of the zipper pull tab.


If you have images of your Tod purse, you can submit them to the Purse Blog Authentication website for assistance.