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Nine West handbags are moderately priced and classic wardrobe pieces. In addition to handbags, Nine West also sells shoes, wallets, jewelry and other accessories. Nine West bags are not considered high-end but the company is well-known for high-quality shoes and handbags. Be wary of fake ones being passed off as the real thing.

Examine the stitches on the bag. As quality is a trademark of real Nine West handbags, the stitches will be perfect. If you see any strings hanging from the stitches, than it likely is a knock-off.

Touch and smell the purse to make sure it's real leather. Leather has a distinctive smell. The leather used for Nine West bags is glossy and should not have any marks on it.

Check the zipper by zipping and unzipping it. If it's a real Nine West handbag, the zipper will move smoothly. If it catches, it may be a fake.

Check the bag for a metal Nine West tag. This will be in either silver or gold and either on the outside of the bag or an inside pocket. The print on the metal tag should be clear without blemishes.


To avoid purchasing a fake Nine West handbag, buy it at a department store rather than online.

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