How to Tell a Man's Personality From His Hair. You should never judge a book by its cover, but when you are trying to get a feel for a new fellow, take advantage of all the clues you can get. Follow these steps to tell a man's personality from his hair.

Determine if his hair is his own. Fake hair on a man is a dead giveaway of self esteem issues, or problems with reality. A man who cannot deal with normal male pattern baldness will sometimes resort to a toupee to try and fool the world into thinking he still has a full head of hair. Despite his best efforts, a rug is easy to spot on a man and should cause a woman to wonder what else about this fellow is not what it appears.

Check out the color of his hair. A little gray at the temples looks distinguished on a man. A well-adjusted guy with a laid back personality will embrace the appearance of gray hair in his mane. Be wary of any guy who obviously colors his hair to cover gray. He may be immature and unwilling to embrace being a responsible grown up. Peter Pan is a great movie to watch, but you don't want to date him.

Take inventory of his hair products. Any guy who needs a separate carry-on bag for his grooming essentials may be too high maintenance to be a good boyfriend or husband. No woman wants a guy whose beauty regimen rivals their own. If he spends an eternity in front of the mirror each morning, he might be self absorbed or annoyingly arrogant.

Admire a chrome dome. Any guy who is confident enough to flaunt a bald head has a pretty healthy dose of self esteem without being vain or too self absorbed. Even a guy who shaves his head should strike you as being more interested in what is in his head than on top of it.