How to Taper Hair

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Although the tapered hair cut is most popular for men, there are many women who can pull off the tapered look and still look fabulous. To do this yourself, all you'll need is some clippers, a clipper guard and a comb. Read on for a step-by-step tutorial on how to get the perfect tapered hairstyle on your own.

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How To Taper Hair

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Determine how long you want your shortest hair to be. This is all about personal taste and style, so do what you believe is best for you and your look.

Attach the guard to the clippers. Start at the base of the neckline and slowly pull the guard away from the back of the head while moving up with the clippers. Repeat this process on the sides. The amount of tapering is all up to you.

Roll up the hair at the base of the hairline with a comb. Move further up the sides with the clippers and around to the back of your head. Cut the hair sticking through the comb to the length you desire. The hair should be cut shorter to longer as you move upwards and around the head.

Use scissors to trim your bangs. Comb them straight down and cut off the desired amount, which should be sticking through the comb. Snip off the ends little by little until you reach the desired length.

Use the same technique as you did for the bangs with the hair on top of your head. Comb upward and let the ends stick through the end of the comb. Snip the hair piece by piece until all the hair is the length you want. Comb the hair once you're done to make sure you've reached all the pieces that need to be cut.

Use mirrors surrounding your head to look at your hair from all angles and make sure everything is just how you want it. Use this as an opportunity to fix any irregularities and uneven spots. Make sure your hair is clean and polished around the ears and neckline, which is where most mistakes occur.

Admire your new hairdo.


  • Haircutting is not always easy to do on your own. Exchange haircuts with a friend to save money, or have it done at a salon by a professional.