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There are many reasons for taping your chest. For women, taping can sometimes increase the natural cleavage. For transsexual men, taping can eliminate the appearance of breasts. Taping can also be useful for athletic women with large breasts for whom a sports bra doesn't offer enough support. With practice, taping your chest can become a very quick step in your routine.

Taping To Enhance Breasts

Get two elastic sports bandages from your local drugstore or athletic store. You can get the traditional version, or the self-adhering style. Use the widest kind available (usually six inches) for maximum comfort.

Tape on the lower half of your breasts. Position one end of the bandage under one of your armpits and wrap it around your back and over the end.

Continue wrapping the tape around the lower half of your breasts. You want the tape to create something akin to a shelf for your breasts to rest on, positioning them higher than usual to add more cleavage. Wrap the tape until the bandage ends.

Put on your bra and clothing. If your cleavage doesn't have the appearance you're looking for, adjust it by moving your breasts up.

Taping To Hide Breasts

Position the elastic bandage under one armpit. Take a deep breath and wrap the bandage around your chest several times, making sure to cover up the original end.

When you have used approximately half of the bandage, reach under the binding with your fingers and move your breasts up and outwards, towards your armpit. This will help the appearance of a flat chest.

Continue wrapping the bandage around the rest of your chest. If you have large breasts, you may want to use two bandages.

Tape the end down or tuck it under one of the wraps. Take several deep breaths to make sure you can breathe. If you can't, undo the bandage and wrap it again -- you can easily hyperventilate and faint with too tight a binding.


Give your chest some time to breathe every day. If your appearance depends on taping your chest, make sure you have some time alone every day to give your chest a rest.

Apply some cornstarch or baby powder to your chest area before you tape it to minimize chafing.


Never use duct tape to tape your chest. The skin cannot breathe, and the tape will be painful to remove.