How to Tape Your Breasts to Make Them Look Bigger

By LeafTV Editor

Most women would rather enhance their breasts without surgical methods. A natural, easy way to do this is to tape your breasts to make them look bigger. This method is different than using tape to bind your breasts in order to make them look smaller. You should only use this method for specific occasions when you want to enhance your breasts naturally. Use hypoallergenic, medical-grade tape to make your breasts look bigger. This will ensure easy and painless removal and decrease the likelihood of developing a skin reaction.

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How To Tape Your Breasts To Make Them Look Bigger


Create a band with the tape on the underside of your breasts. Start at your armpit and work your way down beneath your breasts. Continue the band around your other armpit.

Move the tape around your back and work it back to the starting armpit. Repeat the process to create several layers of tape beneath your breasts. Continue until you reach the desired amount of lift you want to give your breasts with tape.

Cut the tape and secure it to the opposite armpit from where you started. Start a new piece of tape and secure it to the outside of one of your breasts. Push your breasts together and run the tape across the front of both breasts. Cut the tape and secure it to the outside of the opposite breast.

Get dressed and determine your comfort level prior to departing. Check to see if your breasts look bigger with the tape. If you feel an itching sensation or excessive discomfort, remove the tape. To remove the tape, simply unbind it, or use water to help loosen the adhesive.