How to Take Vitamin K for Dark Circles

By eHow Contributor

How to Take Vitamin K for Dark Circles. Dark circles under the eyes can indicate allergies, sleeplessness, dehydration and, unfortunately, aging. As we age, the padding beneath our eyes begins to thin, contributing to the look of dark, sunken circles. While there are many home remedies to reduce eye swelling and allergy treatments that can reduce the look of dark circles, the best way to treat dark circles caused by aging is to take Vitamin K.

Take Vitamin K for Dark Circles

Step 1

Include antioxidant and Vitamin K rich foods in your diet. Antioxidants help heal cell damage and repair damaged skin. Vitamin K helps with blood coagulation and circulation. Since both damaged skin and poor circulation can increase the appearance of dark circles, eating foods like broccoli, carrots, cabbage, spinach and strawberries can lighten the circles under your eyes.

Step 2

Take a Vitamin K supplement or a multivitamin that includes Vitamin K. A daily vitamin can help to reduce overall skin discoloration. The daily recommended dosage of Vitamin K is 80mg for adult males and 65mg for adult females.

Step 3

Purchase a moisturizing eye cream that contains Vitamin K. To successfully strengthen the capillary walls and reduce the visibility of blood vessels through the thin skin under your eye, Vitamin K-based eye products should contain at least 5 percent of the vitamin.

Step 4

Apply the cream nightly. Rub it gently into the skin around and underneath your eyes.

Step 5

Treat dark circles that don't respond to Vitamin K-based eye creams with a combination of products. Studies have shown that using a combination of retinol (Vitamin A) and Vitamin K is more beneficial than Vitamin K alone. Use the retinol by itself every other night and the Vitamin K cream every night.

Step 6

Be patient. You may see some immediate improvement in the reduction of lines and wrinkles, but it can take up to a month to see lightening of the dark circles.