How to Take Vitamin C and E to Treat Cellulitis. The skin infection cellulitis is almost always treated by antibiotics, but alternative therapies such as vitamins C and E may be helpful in the management of the condition. Taking these vitamins is purported to promote healing and improve overall skin condition.

Take 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C two to three times a day while suffering from cellulitis to improve your immune system and promote healing of the skin. Consume 400 to 899 IU (immunizing units) per day of vitamin E. Vitamin E is purported to aid in the healing of skin as well as its overall health. You can use the search engine at the Vitamin Shoppe's official website as well as that from ABCVitaminsLife website to find supplies of vitamins C and E (see Resources below).

Increase your consumption of foods high in vitamin C to help treat cellulitis. Such foods include citrus fruits, broccoli and peppers. Snack on oranges and grapefruit in the afternoon and add raw broccoli and a variety of colorful peppers to your evening salads to help get extra vitamin C into your system.

Consume foods rich in vitamin E to aid in treating cellulitis. Eat morning cereals fortified with vitamin E to get more of this important substance. Also, eat green leafy vegetables every day while you suffer from cellulitis. Take nuts to work with you for a snack rich in vitamin E that can boost your natural healing power.

Apply vitamin C and E topically through the use of skin care products. Only apply products after the cellulitis is healed and with the permission of your physician. The application of these vitamins following a bout of cellulitis will help heal the skin and is believed to help prevent recurrent infections. Try Jason's 70 percent Certified Organic Aloe Vera Crème available from the company's Web site, as it contains vitamins as well as aloe vera and other moisturizers (see Resources below).

Treat cellulitis with vitamins C and E only in combination with prescribed antibiotics. Tell your physician about the extra vitamins (both in natural and synthetic forms) that you are taking.


Do not take more than the recommended amount of vitamin C and E tablets, as this can be damaging to your overall health.